A ghost story anthology from Sez Publishing. Cailin's short story "O'Connell Isle" tells the tale of an actor scouting the location of his next movie, but meets a few mysterious strangers instead.

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Us When We're Apart

Kiki and Jake had been together since the fourth grade. But after Kiki ended their engagement a year ago, the two have discovered what kind of people they are on their own after years of being known as a unit.

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Moon Day

Moon Day is the story of Monday Valko, a teenager with a loser status in high school because of her old clothes, unusual upbringing, and odd eating habits. Good thing the other kids don't know about the part where she turns into a murderous werewolf every month. To Monday, both these things equal "life as usual." However, an accident during her transformation causes both a disturbance in her wolf pack and a chance meeting with Ravi Freeman, a new kid at school with an upbeat attitude and a friendly dismissal of the rumors he's heard about Monday. While her friendship with Ravi makes her feel more like a normal teenage girl, the sudden danger to the lives of all werewolves continues to pull her back to the sway of the moon.


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the prequel to Moon Day

You thought you knew what happened with Tara Ylva, Monday's selfish mother who betrayed her husband, turned her back on her children, and ran away from her problems and her life.

Think again.


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the sequel to Moon Day

Choose your own fate.


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